Name: Conversion of a former chandelier factory

Location: Kamenicky Senov, Czech Republic

Status: School project – Master thesis

Studio: Ondrej Cisler / FA CTU

Year: summer 2016

  • evaluation: Grade A, outstanding thesis award
  • special award of Czech Centers (17. ročník přehlídky diplomových prací)

In the buildings of the former chandelier factory Elias Palme in Kamenicky Senov were once produced chandeliers to the iconic buildings all around the world. The glory of Czech glass craft doesn’t fade, quite the contrary.

The Glass House is to present a new glassmaking center, to revive the old factory in ruins and find clues of original uniqueness and architectural values. It should be the guide in the Story of chandelier to the visitors, and place of haven at any time to the glassmakers. It should become a full part of Kamenicky Senov.

In the five chapters of the house, its shape referring to the original glass furnace, where the Story of a chandelier unveils, each of the compartments is uniquely shaped to a certain type of luminaire. The facility complements a studio, where ongoing refurbishment and reconstruction of the original unique chandeliers takes place, this is all backed by headquarters of association Licht und Glas linked with the operation of library, archive and research center. Logically, there is a trio of apartments designed to accommodate artists and guests. In the former foundry is where a new restaurant and a bar is located.

The decision of the topic for my master thesis was simple. I come from this region and thanks to my father I have very strong relationship with glass. Naturally I feel the need in the sense of professional and citizen commitment to at least notice the problems and start a debate about them. The idea to try to rescue an industry monument with important heritage was a obvious choice, even though maybe little bit utopian.


 Thesis portfolio (Czech)

March 2016, news report

October 2016, Czech centres award